We try our best to help our staying guests with finding jobs, mainly in orchards, vineyards, pack houses. And some available opportunities in restaurants or cafes may also come up around Napier. Last but not lest, our hostel job offer can help you save some travel cost. (Either job requires you with a valid work visa.)

Seasonal work

This is great way to help you extend the working holiday visa, so seasonal work is very popular. What you need is also what we aim for. Workings between kiwifruit, apple and grape, jobs from picking to packing, you can expect to work nearly the whole year.
Related jobs: planting -> flower thinning -> fruit thinning -> picking -> packing

Hostel Jobs

In order to offer a clean home for guests from around the world, we need staff to maintain the hostel. Jobs are available from time to time. Please contact us for more details.
Related jobs: housekeeping, receptionist

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